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Difference between Flexible Partial Dentures and Dental Flippers

Dental flippers are used to act as temporary filler for a gap in the tooth line while a flexible partial denture is made to replace your missing teeth. Below are some differences between flexible partial dentures and dental flippers:


Dental flippers for adults are used as a provisional interim solution to bridge the gap left by a missing or extracted tooth. They help keep the teeth on two sides of the gap from tilting into the empty space, while a more permanent solution is being fabricated by the dentist.

Flexible partial dentures are used to function as your missing/extracted teeth—and they are not temporary. They look and function like your natural teeth, helping you to eat and chew just as you would with your natural dentition.


Flippers are usually made of acrylic—a rigid plastic like material standard dentures were made of.

Flexible partial dentures could be made of vinyl or nylon, which allow for tractability and are a more comfortable substitute for the standard rigid plate.


Flexible Partial Dentures

Since these are temporary, they are not necessarily intended to mimic the natural appearance of your oral tissues. They are rested on the soft tissues and consequently they place pressure on the tooth socket and gums. If used for longer than advised, they may distort your oral tissues in ways that may hamper the planning and function of longer-range restorative treatments.

Flexible partial dentures are a great option for patients who want to get dentures but are not comfortable with the rigid plastic plate. They present a natural appearance and also serve functionally.

Unlike flippers, they take support primarily from the patient's remaining teeth, thus relieving the gums of any excessive stress.

Being flexible and light in weight, they are a promising solution for patients who cannot opt for dental implants for medical, financial, or personal reasons.


Flippers are rigid and prone to breakage.

If kept in good condition, flexible partial dentures can serve you over several years.

Dental Flippers


Flippers are temporary and quite cheap.

Flexible partial dentures, serve a greater purpose, and are more expensive than flippers but you can get affordable partial dentures by ordering them online.

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Jul 07, 2017 • Posted by laurie

Many years ago i broke the 8 tooth, had a flipper 10plus yrs.
Changed dentists, and was offerd a flexible upper partial. Was shown a sample, i agreed. Went to recieve the partial it wasnt the same material as shown. To me it looked like my old flipper somewhat thinner. Looks acrylic to me. What do i do in this situation? Making payments on $1165.00 .
Thanks for your time much appreciated.

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