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Need Teeth Retainer Replacement? Order online at Custom Teeth Devices!

Teeth retainers are expensive and when you lose or break the one you have, getting a new one could upset your budget. Putting off the replacement of your dental retainer could be an even more expensive decision as it could cause a relapse of your orthodontic treatment.

Affordable Replacement Teeth Retainers Online

The months of inconvenience and all that money you spent over braces could be wasted and your teeth shall begin to move in their pre-treatment place if you skip on the recommended retainers.

However, retainers are removable devices that are not meant to be worn all day every day. They must be removed while eating, brushing, and for cleaning purposes, and on removing, many times people just forget to put them back.

A lot of people end up losing their dental retainers because:

  1. They did not put it back into its protective casing
  2. They wrapped it in a tissue and put it somewhere, from where it landed in a dustbin
  3. The device fell and broke

If you can identify with the above, do not despair! It is not uncommon for patients to lose their dental retainers and need teeth retainer replacement during the course of their treatment.

Sometimes the custom teeth retainer replacement is required because the retainer needs to be adjusted for the treatment or because the patient wants a different kind of retainer.

Whatever your reason, it is now possible to order your custom teeth retainers online, at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay at your dentist’s office.

Depending upon your requirement you can order your Hawley or invisible teeth retainer online at Custom Teeth Devices.

You can also opt for instant teeth retainer as a cheap interim solution while your other retainer is being fabricated.

How to order teeth retainers online?

  • Once you place an order for your teeth retainers, we will send you an impression kit complete with materials and instructions on how to make the impression.
  • A pre-paid envelope is also included in the kit, which is to be used to post back the impression.
  • Within the next 10-12 days, your retainers will be fabricated and once they are ready, we will ship them and simultaneously inform you via email.
  • For more information on custom teeth devices and replacement of teeth retainers, contact us here.


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