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Order Partial Dentures Online to Replace Your Missing Teeth

Custom Teeth Devices

As a partially edentulous patient, if you are looking to replace one or more teeth in your dentition, flexible partial dentures could be an ideal option.

Unlike complete dentures that sit on the dental ridge, these are held onto the remaining teeth by metal clips or extensions of the plastic material. It is imperative that you have ten or more teeth in each arch because:
  1. The Flexible Partial Denture will use existing teeth for support
  2. The relation between your upper and lower natural teeth, known as the bite, has to be accurately recorded and then replicated with the removable partial denture for proper placement and functioning of the dental device

Partial dentures can be kept in your mouth while eating, speaking, and even through the rest of the day. They can be removed or placed in your mouth any time, without professional help.

The only caveat is: you must use both hands while removing or putting on your removable partial denture.

How much does it cost?

While at a dentist’s office a removable partial denture will cost an average of around $1,700 but by ordering your custom teeth devices online you can save over 75% in treatment costs.

Partial dentures online will cost you only $257, including shipping.

Custom Teeth Devices

How to order your Removable Partial Denture online?

It is a simple, four-step procedure:

  1. Order your Flexible Partial Denture at CustomTeethDevices.com
  2. Have your teeth impression kit delivered
  3. Make the impressions according to the instructions in the kit and ship it back to the lab
  4. Your partial dentures will be delivered to your doorstep within twelve days.

Advantages of flexible partial dentures

Esthetics – Even the loss of a single tooth could be a great inconvenience when you eat or drink and if it is one of the front teeth, it could be downright embarrassing. A partial denture fills the space of your missing teeth, while its pink base matches the color of your gingiva, thus helping restore the esthetic appearance of your smile. 

Durability – Removable dentures are made of quite a sturdy material and should easily last upto four years without any significant wear.

Comfort – Light in weight and easy to place, patients find their flexible partial dentures to be quite comfortable

Easy to clean – This device can be removed and easily cleaned with a toothbrush and paste, just as you clean your natural teeth.


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