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1.  Order your desired teeth devices, from CustomTeethDevices.com and then we will ship you a Teeth Impression kit. (Teeth Impression Kit is FREE we provide with every order)

2.  Send your Teeth Impressions back to us in our Pre-Paid Envelope (enclosed within the Teeth Impression kit).

3.  We will manufacture your required teeth device(s) from your teeth impressions. (This process takes around 10-12 days just as it does when you visit a Dentist office).

4.  We will send back your teeth device(s) and E-mail you with the tracking information & other required things.


What's Included in your Order :-

1. Your Teeth Device(s)

2. Complete directions for how to take your teeth impression.

3. FREE three completely different sizes of impression trays (small, medium and large) to best suit your teeth

4. FREE set of plaster models of your teeth with your teeth device on them so you 5. can see how they should fit.

6. FREE Teeth device carry case.

7. FREE teeth device adjustment. Conditions apply.

8. FREE 3-way postage paid USPS First Class Mail.


      If you Have any Questions before Ordering, go to the 'Contact Us' page and fill in the form. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours.