Teeth Retainer After Braces

Teeth Retainer After Braces

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Missing Teeth?

Missing Teeth?

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We pair up customers with same dental labs that dentists use to manufacture their teeth devices.

We offer these teeth devices online because they are simple enough too NOT require the assistance of a Dentist.

Our team is made up of Nationally Board Certified Technicians that have been manufacturing teeth devices for over 40 years.

All of the products that go into the makeup of our teeth devices are FDA approved.

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We're associated online with Dentists and Dental labs in providing healthy and beautiful smiles for people of all ages at affordable prices. You would receive time-to-time emails with your tracking number(s) after you place your order.
3-way Free Shipping
1) Teeth Impression(s) Kit shipment to you. 2) Teeth Impression(s) back to us (it will take the lab 10-12 days to manufacture your teeth device(s)). 3) Teeth Device(s) shipment back to you.
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Level 1 PCI compliant and uses 256-bit SSL certificates to keep order details secure & encrypted. Credit card information is never stored. If you prefer PayPal, You will be redirected to PayPal to complete your purchase securely.
Impression & Photos
We provide you with free supplies to take a practice impression before taking your final teeth impression. Please email photos of your final impressions for approval before shipping them back to us.
Free Adjustment
We guarantee that you are happy with your teeth device by us offering a free adjustment at no charge.

Up to 50% Off the Dentist Office Price.
Place Order without leaving home or office.
Save Time & Money!

We use the same Dental Labs that dentists use to manufacture Custom-Fit Teeth Devices for people who are in need of these devices but are not able to afford Dentist office Fees which commonly cost you $1,000 to $4,000.
Up to 50% Off the Dentist Office Price.  Place Order without leaving home or office.  Save Time & Money!

Taking Teeth Impression at Home

We provide a free Impression kit with every order. An accurate teeth impression is the most important part of our process to ensure that your teeth device will fit properly.
The most common error is that people take too long in spreading the putty into the tray and getting the tray into their mouth. The putty starts to harden after 1 minute 30 seconds so once you mix it together for 1 minute, you only have 30 seconds to spread the putty evenly throughout the tray. Once you fit the tray over your teeth, be sure and leave it in your mouth for the full 4 minutes so that the putty can fully harden. The tray has a lot of suction over your teeth, when it is fully hardened, so it will pop when you remove it from your teeth.
In your package, we provide free materials so you can take 1 practice impression in which you can email us photos. We can let you know what changes should be made before you take your final impression. We also ask that you email photos of your final impressions for approval before shipping them back to us.
Taking Teeth Impression at Home

We value your opinion and are always on the look out for ways to improve our services.

Product quality & Customer service is a top priority at CustomTeethDevices.com, and we hope our team provided you the first-class service we're known for. Your feedback helps us decide which features to build, and what improvements should be made to our platform. Our team will read each and every response. Don't hold back, we want to know what you really think!

If I could give 10 stars I absolutely would. Even before I made my purchased I sent out an email asking all kinds of questions about the retainer. EVERY SINGLE ONE of them were answered, and it was on a Saturday!! The customer service was flawless, they kept in contact with me regarding tracking and how to take and send your impressions. I would recommend this company to everybody. And to think I was going to pay double the price at my orthodontist. Lol thank you so much! The upper and lower are a perfect fit!
I love my new flexible partial denture. It is superior to a flipper and invisible retainer I had made locally. The company even shipped it on a solid mold of my teeth. I was amazed! The only thing is that I chose the wrong color, too white. Also I would have liked to tooth to be a bit longer as it goes up higher when pushed onto the gum. But the overall quality of the device is very very good. If you have a missing tooth this is the best choice while waiting to get an implant.
Before ordering these retainers i was very much confused that from where should i order online. I have checked few of other dental labs over the internet, some where much impressive but once I contacted online to customteethdevices , I was like "Lady This is the Lab which I was Wanting". After wearing these retainers for 2 week Below are the points which i would like to convey: 1) The best thing which i like in the device is color. The blue color is quite impressive, it looks fantastic! 2) I was worried about the quality but after using this I think its more than expected. 3) The fit of these retainers are amazing, perfect !!!! You only need to take your good teeth impressions and email them to verify. 4) They give you three types of shipping options if you seeking fast delivery. One suggestion is they need to improve delivery progress from time to time. Overall Beautiful work!! They deserve 5 star rating!!
I got exactly what I hoped for...a perfect fit and a well-made device in the promised time frame. No problems at all.. The Hawleys are very easy to rinse and come out squeaky clean in a solution bath. The bonus was the company also sent the plaster cast of my teeth so I painted them bright white with bright red gums, installed a wind-up motor..and let them go!
I received my flippers last week and these look very real. I am able to smile and my tongue used to have it now. But flippers need to be pulled out when you eat so if you feel it's a pain then flexible dentures can be next choice. I usually stay at home so I am ok with it. I'm really thankful for your services and looking forward in the future!!
When I received my retainers and put them on for the first time, they were a bit tight (probably because I hadn't worn retainers in 2 weeks since my originals broke). By he next day, they were great! I'm absolutely thrilled I placed my order with Custom Teeth Devices. My original upper retainer was horseshoed (curved like the bottom retainer) and CTD were able to horseshoe the upper retainer for me (just ask)! My best advice for someone ordering retainers from CTD is to find the right impression tray for your mouth and practice placing the tray in and out of your mouth a few times. I'll definitely be ordering a second pair! Thanks!